Ultimate Wedding Guide

Seasons 5 Resort & Spa

Fairytale weddings are not just in story books. The power of magic wand is every bride’s desired possession to “The Day”. The mystery behind the royal weddings, celebrities’ weddings remains sealed leaving us to wonder,

  • “How did she get it done?”
  • “Where did she buy that dress?”
  • “How much is that cake?”

Let us spill the beans for you. Dream, plan & execute your wedding like a pro. Crack the shell by asking the right questions before writing the wedding checklist.

Venue Speaks A Lot

When that one question is popped, and you got that stone on the ring finger, opt for 12-14 months before you set the date. A bride who has a year ahead can get the venue of her choice. With less time, it can only end up tricky because the popular ones are not available. Selecting a wedding venue is the core for the dream wedding. Lot of research gives too many choices; cut them by visiting the venue. Most of them are not the same as in the internet. Ask questions and check the boxes to book the wedding venue, the one that does justice to your wedding style – traditional or contemporary.

  • Do they have own restaurant and other hangout spots or nearby in 10 minutes drive?
  • Is there option for guest accommodation? (out of town folks)
  • How many days in advance you can come are at the venue? (Also bridal suites)
  • Do they possess a reception hall or anything nearby to the venue?
  • Does the decoration of the venue comes along the price package or you should do them?
  • What about the chairs & tables, linens, bows and other tiny details on the seating? Do they have music system, AV facility and microphone?
  • Will they do limos or any other form of transportation for the bride and groom during the ceremony?
  • Are there any recreational facilities like a spa, golf, etc at the venue to engage the guests?
  • The important note is check the venue if it has a feel for a romantic photo shoot.
  • What do their service charges tell in the price package?

The above ten checkboxes are a must to get that one & only wedding venue of your dream.

Date is set, budget is fixed and the venue is booked, let us look at the guests and their needs. To take care is not inviting and feeding them; your parties and hospitality should be warm and comfortable to them.


Wedding catering has to be on time, feet and all set. When you visit the caterers, check on them about their work routine style first rather than the taste and menus. Decide who is doing catering for your wedding based on your necessity.

  • Will they do customized buffet menu or al carte?
  • Are they cooking on the site or bringing them prepared?
  • Will there be equipments to maintain the food warm enough at outdoor banquet?
  • Will they be doing the wedding cake or is it from a separate baker? If separate, co-ordinate with them too.
  • Is it possible to take couple of guests for the menu-tasting?
  • Did you check on the cutlery items with them?


The three musketeers of the bride is the Wedding planner, Wedding coordinator and Wedding photographer. These three can make time stop when you say “I do”. Please do checks on these three people on your list right away because they are must?


Hiring a professional wedding planner is always bright side of wedding. Planners turn your imaginary bits into real model. Wedding planners know all the best accessories shops, vendors, caterers and pretty much they can get in and out everywhere. To get A+ wedding vendor is a piece of cake for them.


Well, it might sound like similar to that of planner, but wedding coordinator is the one that makes the magic to make your wedding day as an uninterrupted Disney movie. They practically act as a blending agent for all the vendors and wedding staffs to work as a team.They are hare footed by nature & swirl as if they have wings and make the moments timeless


To make the statement “Love cannot be seen” into a false one, wedding photographers capture all that moments filled with love, laughter and loud. It is really sweet of your long distant bestie lending hand in capturing the pictures, but still professional photographers at wedding will make a difference.

With the big things fixed, move on to the details in the wedding. The small lace details on your table linen to your customized wedding cards, everything counts to matter. Plan them precisely and in detailed way.

  1. Design the wedding cards and pick the rings.
  2. Hire the priest or officiant, choir, organ music band.
  3. Do the bridesmaids & groomsmen outfits and discuss their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Write down vows, if you are reading.
  5. Finalize seating arrangement and charts.
  6. Reserve accommodations for guests.
  7. Plan all the family lunches and dinners, also the parties with friends.
  8. Talk to the decorator and florist about the decoration details and materials.
  9. Check on the dance floor, DJ, music band and AV system.
  10. Prepare the toasts & speeches.
  11. Do your first-dance rehearsals.
  12. Pick the return gifts for the guests.
  13. Champagne, wine and other drinks selection, along with the treats and pastries to be done.
  14. Finalize the hairdo, makeup and all the accessories for your outfits.
  15. When and where is your honeymoon?


Every girl dreams the princess wedding, at the romantic city Paris or any other romantic spots in Italy or European countries. The exponential increase on attraction to these weddings is due to the style and classiness they own.It happens at a single venue, stuffed with all wedding essentials,undeniably strong feature for awe-struck wedding moments. The weddings take place at one venue that has all the essentials for the wedding is the strong feature for the success. Season5, Melbourne wedding venue is one of the best places to tie the knot, promised glamour and perfection. With the thrown land of 10 acres, nature is everywhere you turn. On a tranquil spot, yet we are only ten minutes drive from Werribee.

Seasons5 wedding packages are purpose-built and customized on brides’ needs and desire.

We have on-site chapel and stunning gazebo with huge royal ceremony halls nearby to each other making the ceremony and reception hasty free. For the grand feast and wedding reception party; our sit & dine or the cocktail party hall along with the dance floor is a perfect choice at our venue.

We do exclusive weddings, turnkey package type and also private weddings. Seasons5 have a good relationship with all the wedding vendors, photographers and florists. We take pride in telling that; we have a special set of wedding staffs that includes caterers, bakers, chefs, make-up and hair-do artists, transport servicers, assistant staffs trained for the wedding ceremony and a chief wedding planner who monitors and coordinates them all.

Our restaurant inside the venue, AC wine lounge and spa house are the extra perks of our venue that can engage your wedding guests. Along with the welcome drinks, we do complimentary parking for the wedding guests and avail offers on their accommodations. Our property holds miscellaneous stuffs like tables, chairs, cutlery items, laces linens, bows, decorative items, luxury cars & carriages and many more surprising benefits. The lovely olive grove and the romantic lake across the gazebo will make wonderful photo shoot spot.

Seasons5 presents a mock set up for the decorations, bridal make ups, menu & wine tasting before the ceremony. A separate team is built for your wedding ceremony and they are functioned under our wedding consultant to attend your guest needs. Please check our WEDDING CHECKLIST GUIDE from the in-house wedding coordinator and plan accordingly.

“A good match is made in heaven”