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“One destination for wedding”

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, with many couples choosing to have their wedding in a beautiful landscape. Nothing beats the happiness of having your friends and family attending your wedding in an amazing location and also throwing them a little vacation at the same time. Your dream comes true here, in the Aussie’s land, with us Seasons 5, Point Cook, Melbourne.Your dream comes true here, in the Aussie’s land, with us Seasons 5, Point Cook, Melbourne.


1. Not Just Romantic – More!!!

”Your story is a fairytale one”
“Getting hitched in this awesome city can be the wonderful encounter in your life”

Destination weddings are awesome for so, so many reasons, but sitting at the very top of the list is the romantic getaway you’ve always wanted, all wrapped up in that wedding of your dreams – stunning enchanted backdrops included. Which means that after you say “I do” in the glam spot of your fantasy, you can send your guests off in total island style, then sit back and relax for a week-long stay in our paradise.
Just saying the words “Destination Wedding” can lead to visions of dollar sign dancing in your head, but the truth is that jetting off to an amazing resort-destination can actually be cost-effective. Yep, with a limited guest list, decor that comes naturally and a plethora of outskirts that is easy to travel; like the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and Historic Royal Museums.
As, Melbourne being the chief of the cities around the globe, your D-day can be the remarkable one with it’s being your ultimate heaven point.

2. Classics Are Timeless

“Savor the flavor of ethics”

Weddings are always classy one when you decide to do it in traditional way. In celebration to its epic heritage, Melbourne is perfect for traditional wedding venue. With its historic churches and museums exuding an aura of romance and enchantment, it is a pastoral location for a wedding.
Overlooking the lake and tropical grounds, the chapel is in a traditional Australian style with gleaming floors, glossy and glistening walls, arched doorways and candlelit windows. The city claim the pride of owning a custom rich church that gets elated as you take upon your vows. And, as in the “happily ever after” of fairytales, the bride may arrive at the chapel by horse-drawn carriage. The newly betrothed may then romantically depart in the open carriage to begin their lives together!

3. Gazebo – Spring Wedding

“As sure as the sun shines”

If a chapel wedding has not been your dream, beautiful garden and lovely backwoods view with the lawn seated wedding are also available for the nuptials. Even with a wide variety of possible ceremony locations and whether your wedding is just the two of you or for 200 guests, rest assured that your wedding will be the “one and only” wedding on any given day!
Equal justice is done to the contemporary bride who is fond of exotic alluring destination weddings. On a thrown green land, amidst of trees and flowers you can walk down the aisle to exchange the vows in the gracefully bedecked gazebo. In perpetuation of the flora and fauna, the wedding would be picture perfect, reflecting the love on the lake.

4. Resorts Is Your Best Friend

“Not just ceremony but also a vacation”

Australia is home to many fantastic locations for destination weddings, from world-famous beaches to cities steeped with culture and history. The majority of Australian destination weddings are held on the backwoods or by the water and are perfect for those seeking a tropical getaway experience. However, if the city is more your scene, Melbourne is an international hub for art, food and merchandise. Melbourne is also home to historic South banks, National Botanic Gardens, National Gallery Victoria and the Arcades and Laneways, offering a peek into the rich history of the country.
It is ideally located for folks near Melbourne and easily accessible for guests coming from farther as well. Melbourne is a great choice for your destination wedding, particularly if you are interested in exotic tropical experiences.

5.Everything You Need

“Takeaway memories”

When you choose the setting for your wedding, you’re deciding on a location that encapsulates your desired vibe. If you want it to feel laid-back and breezy, you’ll settle on an island resort. If you want a more rustic vibe, you’ll book a boondocks resort. The point is, you’re picking a place that already has everything you need. When it comes to a destination wedding, your venue can speak for itself.

  • With the in-house skilled executives to aced planners, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to planning. The tiresome and weary works are taken care for you, leaving you to enjoy everything with your favorite drink in your hand.
  • With the exclusive wedding packages that come with the various merits, you can celebrate your wedding as the best family vacation time with your loved one.
  • It’s hard to fathom, but in many cases, the destination wedding has become a cost-effective option when planning your nuptials. That totally makes up for the price of a plane ticket, and might even leave room to go all-out on other important wedding details, like mouth-watering food and a kickass band.

6.Fringe Benefits

“As it states, the luxurious resort takes care of your guests, on behalf of your presence, with warm hospitality”

7. Ample Car Parking

“No more squeezing”

The hefty parking lot in resorts will be measurably able to equip 150+ cars (being the minimum), definitely a happy feeling to the guests. We promise no time delay in finding room for parking and on time for the wedding. Yeah!! It is mostly on the house.

8. Royal Ballrooms

“Everybody deserves a ballroom dance”
The wedding halls can make you feel like castles in the air. Ability to calibrate the floors and walls will give you all the extra room you want or cuts off that loose space according to your guest list. Reception based near to the wedding site will avoid the usual travel from chapel to party hall.

9.On Your Taste Buds

“Food tells the stories later”
Impress your guests with exquisite taste of fresh and seasonal buffets. With setting up for tasting, you can pull of tempting and scrumptious cuisine. Not to mention the caterers stationed at the resorts can give you an on-time feast.

10.SPA &Tour Packages

“Have a vacation on a ceremony”

Of course your wedding is the main event, but you can entertain your guests over your wedding weekends with soothing spa treatments and special Day Spa packages. Close at hand, you can show this sunny, beautiful and welcoming country which can provide perfect tourism attractions. Be it a sport or shopping, history or adventures, the land of Kangaroos has the best places located on the wide variety of landscapes extending from tropical forests to mountain ranges and also the dry deserts.

11.On The Budget

“Fairytales at Fair Fare”

Make it count on the every penny you spend on your wedding, so you can make it affordable with the wide wedding packages, including guest accommodation. With few suggestions and ideas you can come up with a mutual agreeable estimation with your venue co-coordinators. Consider all the elements we’ve already discussed that make a destination wedding better, and consider the result: You’re saving money!

12.Why Seasons – 5

“New thinking, New rise”

It began in 2015, established with 10 acreage of territory, the deluxe resort is located 25kms from Melbourne CBD. Providing an extensive features and on-site amenities like spa treatments, huge parking lot,on-site chapel, wedding ballrooms and boutique villas,that could come in accessible to a charming wedding. Among the various wedding venues in Melbourne, Seasons 5 stands out unique by its pleasant grounding that portrays the essence and cultural varied physiognomy. The joy of encouraging both, classic traditional wedding in the on-site chapel painted with its historic aura and trendy modern destination wedding in the belvedere could give the memorable remembrance forever. With its huge ceremony halls alongside could make your wedding reception a cheerful one.

“Seasons-5 ensures that every moment you planned will be picturesque.”

Some of our favorite weddings are larger, more grand affairs, but when it comes down to it; there’s just something about saying “I do” with only your nearest and dearest on hand that make destination weddings so, so special. We’re all for cutting that guest list down to just your BFFs and immediate family, then mapping out an itinerary that includes a lot of fun-filled activities (think beach days, touring historic hot spots, shopping and dancing the night away), so you can really make some memories with the ones you love.

  • Colossal Parking Lot ; easy to find rooms for 180 cars and it is complimentary
  • Banquet and Celebration, impressive menu established by our renowned chefs.
  • Exclusive wedding Packages; inclusive of SPA treatments, tourism, honeymoon trip and accommodation of guests
  • Skillful wedding planners, with ability to pull of every tiny detail to the main picture of your day.
  • The outstanding on-site chapel, for cherishing the customs and culture of the ceremony.