An Inside Look at Wedding Receptions in Australia

On the wedding reception day in Australia, couples can expect a joyous celebration filled with various activities and traditions.

Here is a detailed explanation of what usually happens during a wedding reception in Australia:

View Of Wedding Reception
  • Arrival of the Couple:

    The newlywed couple arrives at the reception venue, often greeted by applause and cheers from their guests. They may make a grand entrance, walk hand-in-hand or join in a choreographed dance.

  • Welcome and Speeches:

    The reception kicks off with a welcome speech by the designated host or a close family member. This speech sets the tone for the evening and expresses gratitude to everyone for being part of the celebration. The couple’s parents may also give speeches, expressing their love and best wishes.

  • Cutting of the Cake:

    The cutting of the wedding cake is a significant moment. The couple stands together and uses a knife to cut the first slice of cake, symbolising their first task as a married couple. It is often accompanied by applause and cheers from the guests.

  • Toasts and Speeches:

    Friends, family members, and the wedding party often deliver heartfelt speeches and toasts to honour the couple. These speeches are an opportunity for loved ones to share personal stories, well wishes, and funny anecdotes about the couple.

  • Dining and Feasting:

    A delicious meal or buffet is served to the guests. The menu can vary based on the couple’s preferences, ranging from traditional Australian dishes to international cuisines. Dietary restrictions and preferences are usually taken into consideration.

  • First Dance: The couple’s first dance is a highly anticipated moment. They take the dance floor together and share a romantic dance to their chosen song. This is often followed by the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and sometimes a bridal party dance.

  • Entertainment and Music:

    Live bands, DJs, or other entertainment acts are often hired to provide music and entertainment throughout the reception. Guests are encouraged to hit the dance floor, celebrating and enjoying the festivities.

  • Bouquet and Garter Toss:

    The bride traditionally tosses her bouquet into a crowd of single women, symbolising the passing of happiness and good fortune to the next person to marry. Similarly, the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and tosses it to a group of unmarried men. The recipients are believed to be the next to marry.

  • Cultural Traditions:

    Depending on the couple’s cultural background, various traditions may be incorporated into the reception. For example, Greek weddings may include traditional dances like the Zorba or plate smashing, while Chinese weddings may have a tea ceremony.

  • Dancing and Celebrations:

    The evening continues with dancing, socialising, and celebrating the couple’s union. Guests mingle, enjoy the music, and join in on the festivities. The atmosphere is filled with love, joy, and a sense of unity.

  • Farewell and Departure:

    Towards the end of the reception, the couple bids farewell to their guests, often with a sparkler or confetti send-off. This marks the end of the celebration, and the couple heads off to begin their new journey as a married couple.

It’s important to note that while these elements are commonly found in Australian wedding receptions, every couple can personalise their event based on their preferences, cultural background, and budget. The main focus is on creating a joyous celebration that reflects the couple’s love and commitment to each other.

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