Romantic Weekend Getaway Deals for Couples in Melbourne

Going on a weekend getaway is a fun opportunity for couples to enjoy romantic escapes. Of course, you could spend special occasions on fancy gifts or lavish dinners, but, travel memories are sure to last much longer. Weekend getaway deals, particularly those tailored for couples, offer a unique way to rekindle their romance.

Celebrate special moments with your loved one at Seasons5 in Melbourne. It’s the perfect place for a couple’s retreat, and to unwind. Whether it’s to celebrate your special day, or simply to spend some quality time together, this resort offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In Melbourne, you can enhance your bond with your partner by enjoying intimate dinners, nature walks, couple massages, and other romantic activities. With great weekend getaway deals, couples can discover ideal spots to reignite their love.

Perfect Getaway Packages for Couples

Romantic gestures don’t have to be grand to be special and meaningful. You can go for a romantic getaway package available to make your time special. Getaway packages are designed to cater to the needs of couples seeking to cherish quality time together.

These packages provide couple travel benefits, such as secluded accommodations, intimate dining experiences, and more. They aim to create an environment where couples can chill and enjoy each other’s company.  Here are some of the romantic getaway advantages couples can get-

  • Tailored experiences for romantic activities

  • Couple-focused amenities and services
  • Intimate and picturesque locations

  • Long hours of bonding and quality time

  • Special memories together

Popular Destinations for Weekend Getaway Packages

Looking for the perfect romantic retreat? Then sneak off with someone special on a romantic getaway. These getaways allow you to distress and create lasting memories. For couples seeking the perfect romantic retreat, we recommend a variety of destinations that promise scenic beauty and romantic charm. These weekend getaway destinations are carefully selected to provide an enchanting and memorable experience for couples looking to connect.

Here are a few of the travel spots you can visit:

  • Point Cook Coastal Park

  • Royal Air Force Museum

  • Werribee Open Range Zoo

  • Werribee Mansion

  • Ecotours

  • The Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre

  • Werribee Park and close to Pacific Werribee

  • Werribee District Historical Society

Get the Best Weekend Getaway Deals at Seasons5

When booking a romantic weekend getaway with Season5, couples can expect several enticing inclusions. These exclusive weekend getaway deals are tailored to enhance the overall experience and make each moment unforgettable. We have couple-friendly amenities such as private jacuzzis, hot tubs, guided romantic excursions, and more.

Anniversary Getaway Packages

For couples celebrating anniversaries, Season5 offers specially curated packages with unique inclusions. Our anniversary getaway packages may include:

  • Romantic candlelit dinners

  • Spa treatments for couples

  • Personalised anniversary gifts

  • Exclusive access to scenic spots

Inclusions in Weekend Getaway Packages:

Weekend getaway packages are pre-planned travel itineraries designed specifically for couples looking for a short romantic retreat. They typically include:

  • Accommodations with scenic views

  • Gourmet dining experiences

  • Couples’ spa treatments

  • Thoughtful romantic gestures

How Much Does it Cost?

Seasons5 provides transparency when it comes to pricing for our weekend getaway packages.  There can be budget restrictions, which is why we offer a breakdown of the weekend getaway cost to ensure couples can plan accordingly.

The cost of a romantic weekend getaway with us varies based on factors such as destination, duration, and inclusions. Generally, weekend getaways can range from budget-friendly options to more luxurious experiences. So you will have different options to find a getaway that suits your needs and fits within your budget. The package includes incentives, vouchers, seasonal discounts, etc, and compared to individual bookings, they provide comprehensive pricing details.

Customise Your Romantic Weekend Getaway

Nothing beats a customised date with your partner. Designing a personalised date with your partner adds an extra layer of sweetness to your relationship. It’s a chance to reminisce about your journey together and celebrate your bond in a special way.

Seasons5 provides customisation options for those looking to tailor their weekend retreat. These personalised experiences allow couples to create a getaway that aligns perfectly with their tastes and desires. If you’re looking for the ideal getaway that offers accommodation, culinary delights, stunning views, and fantastic amenities, we are your ultimate choice.

Couples can customise their weekend getaway by selecting:

  • Dining preferences and dietary restrictions

  • Additional special touches for a personalised experience

With Valentine’s Day especially approaching fast, we can help you plan your ultimate couple’s retreat. Season5’s romantic weekend getaway deals for couples offer carefully curated packages. This includes popular sightseeing choices, accommodations, and exclusive customisation options. Whether celebrating an anniversary or simply seeking a sweet escape, Season5 ensures that couples can create lasting memories.

With our scenic locations and exceptional venue capacity, Seasons5 is the ideal destination for romantic getaways. For bookings and ideas, give our staff a call on 03 8376 5300, or send us an email at